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Artificial Disc Replacement

An artificial disc is a specially designed synthetic apparatus which is employed to surgically substitute the damaged intervertebral disc and facilitate the decompression of the spinal cord and/or spinal nerve roots. The objective of artificial disc replacement is to reduce the pain and to preserve the mobility of the spine in patients with chronic back pain. Artificial discs are an advanced alternative to spinal fusion surgery, which uses bone grafts, plates and screws. The artificial disc replacement is also known as disc arthroplasty.

Spinal intervertebral discs are present in between two adjoining vertebrae and act as a shock absorber between them, they also provides tractability and mobility to the spinal column. With aging, degenerative disc changes can occur and cause a weakening, tear and bulging of the disc resulting in pain.

Artificial disc replacement is not recommended in patients suffering with kyphosis, severe stenosis with spinal instability, dynamic facet joint arthritis, or bone infection.

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