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Understanding Workers Compensation in Texas

Understanding Workers Compensation in Texas

A work-related injury can be an extremely stressful event and many questions can arise for an injured worker placed in this situation. At Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we have a dedicated, board-certified occupational and environmental medicine specialist on staff as well experienced surgeons familiar with the workers compensation process.

Workers Compensation is a type of insurance plan provided by employers to provide coverage for medical treatment cost and indemnity payments to employees injured while at work.

Employers who have this insurance are referred to as a subscriber and those who do not have this type of insurance are referred to as non-subscriber. Employers may also decide to carry a self-insured plan in which they are covered by an insurance other than workers compensation.

If you think you have a work injury, it is important that you notify your human resource professional and see if the organization has workers compensation insurance coverage. If they do, then you will want to file a claim within the deadline (30 days from the date you were hurt or from the date you knew your injury or illness was related to your job) and complete form DWC- Form-041. For this it is best to visit the official website for workers compensation at or call The Texas Department of Insurance Division of Worker’s Compensation at 1-800-252-7031, for exact information and details.

Don’t wait for your condition to get worse, get help fast. It is crucial that you see a physician with workers compensation experience to manage your condition promptly.

At Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we see patients that have been injured at work. We treat numerous injuries and illnesses, from simple neck and back sprains & strains to more serious injuries like fractures, repetitive motion injuries, environmental exposures and more.

Our experienced physician will evaluate your work injury, diagnose, treat and manage your claim to resolution. Our provider will work with you to obtain the needed diagnostic tests like x-ray’s, lab work, CT scans, MRI’s and more. Depending on your condition, ancillary and tertiary treatment can also be provided like physical therapy and pain management interventions.

If you have been injured at work, make an appointment with Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine today.