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Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine physicians are sub specialized in all aspects of orthopedics – from knees, shoulders, and hips to spine, feet and hands. In addition to orthopedics, we also have physicians specializing in Interventional Pain Management and Rheumatology.


Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine


Physician Assistants

Nurse Practitioners

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Assistants


Occupational Hand Therapy



  • Joseph Mathews, PT, DPT
    Joseph Mathews, PT, DPT Practice Administrator
    281-955-7577 ext. 2160
  • Krista Armstrong
    Krista Armstrong Revenue Cycle and Operations Director
    281-955-7577 ext. 2240
  • Jerad Coburn
    Jerad Coburn Clinic Manager
    281-955-7577 ext. 8520
  • Madison Dunn
    Madison Dunn Human Resources Manager
    281-955-7577 ext. 2173
  • Sheryl Duran
    Sheryl Duran Case Manager
    281-955-7577 ext. 2172
  • Michael Fretwell
    Michael Fretwell IT Manager
    281-955-7577 ext. 2126
  • Alicia Krantz
    Alicia Krantz Billing Manager 
     281-955-7577 ext. 2102
  • Ashley Nunez
    Ashley Nunez Ancillary Manager
    281-955-7577 ext. 2206
  • Angela Simmons
    Angela Simmons Patient Access Manager
    281-955-7577 ext. 2113
  • Mercedes Gunnels
    Mercedes Gunnels Marketing Manager
    281-955-7577 ext. 2129