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What Conditions Does a Rheumatologist Treat?

A rheumatologist is a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating arthritis, other complex musculoskeletal conditions and autoimmune diseases. There are more than 200 distinct rheumatic conditions that can affect the joints, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues throughout the body. Some autoimmune diseases can also affect the eyes, skin, nervous system and internal organs.

Because rheumatic conditions often produce symptoms that come and go or mimic the signs of other conditions, they can be challenging to identify. A rheumatologist has the specialized expertise necessary to accurately diagnose and effectively treat autoimmune diseases of all types.

In addition to general musculoskeletal pain, some of the more common conditions treated by rheumatologists include:

Rheumatic conditions are typically chronic, constantly evolve and persist for long periods of time – often a lifetime. If you’re experiencing the symptoms of an autoimmune disease, it’s important to promptly see a medical specialist for two main reasons: First, some rheumatic conditions are more responsive to treatment in their early stages, and second, prompt treatment can reduce the risk of irreversible organ damage.

Consult With a Rheumatologist at Advanced Orthopaedics

Whether you’re seeking an accurate diagnosis or effective treatment for a rheumatic condition, you will find the necessary expertise at Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Houston, Texas. Our practice philosophy is to treat the entire patient rather than just his or her condition. Toward that end, we take into account the social and emotional effects of an autoimmune disease in order to develop a more comprehensive treatment plan. Depending on the source and nature of the symptoms, our recommendations may include medications, physical therapy, injections and other advanced therapies.

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Advanced Orthopedics and sports medicine has Board Certified/Eligible physicians who are thoroughly educated in the latest treatment techniques both surgical and conservative. Our rheumatologist specialists have the expertise necessary to accurately diagnose and effectively treat autoimmune diseases of all types.