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Treatment Options for a Bone Spur in the Foot

A bone spur, or osteophyte, can develop on any bone in the body, including the bones in the foot. Usually, bone spurs form in response to pressure at a point where two bones come together in a joint or at the insertion of a tendon, ligament or other soft tissue attachment. Sometimes, a bone spur in the foot will remain symptom-free unless it is pressured through a high-impact activity, such as running, or ill-fitting footwear. Specifically, discomfort may occur if an enlarged bone presses on a nerve or soft tissue.

What are the signs of a bone spur in the foot?

It is possible to have a bone spur in the foot and be completely unaware of it. Sometimes, the condition is diagnosed after it causes pain in response to pressure, which may prompt a consultation with a physician. But, even if after a diagnosis is confirmed (typically with an X-ray), treatment may be unnecessary unless the bony overgrowth is causing persistent discomfort, tissue damage or difficulty walking.

How is a painful bone spur in the foot treated?

When treatment is required to address a problematic bone spur in the foot, it may be sufficient to simply identify and address the source of the pressure. For instance, to improve comfort, a physician may recommend:

  • Wearing shoes that have a wide toe box, stiff sole and low heel
  • Placing an orthopedic insert or pad in the shoe
  • Avoiding activities that stress the feet
  • Losing excess body weight
  • Applying heat or ice as needed

While nonsurgical treatment cannot reduce or remove a bone spur, these therapies can potentially ease the associated pain and improve function. Surgery is rarely necessary, but it may be considered to address a bone spur that is producing severe pain or limiting mobility.

If you have persistent foot pain, you can consult with the orthopedic experts at Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine of Houston, TX. Our foot specialists can evaluate your bone spur or other condition and recommend an individualized treatment plan for you.

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