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Fractured Hip Treatment Provided by Orthopedic Specialists in Houston, TX

A broken hip is a crack in the upper end of the thigh bone (femur). Despite its name, the break does not occur in the hip joint. Most often, the damage results from a fall or direct trauma to the side of the hip. Individuals who have bone-weakening conditions such as osteoporosis are especially susceptible to hip fractures.

Usually, a broken hip causes difficulty walking as well as an ache in the upper thigh or groin area. The discomfort may worsen significantly when the hip is flexed or rotated.

What are the types of hip fractures?

After performing a physical examination and reviewing an X-ray or MRI, a physician can diagnose the specific type of fracture present based on the location of the break. For instance:

  • An intracapsular fracture affects the head of the femur in the hip joint capsule, a soft-tissue envelope that contains lubricating synovial fluid.
  • An intertrochanteric fracture occurs between the neck of the femur and the lesser trochanter, a bony prominence that serves as an attachment point for the hip muscles.
  • A subtrochanteric fracture affects the area of the femur immediately below the lesser trochanter.

What does hip fracture treatment involve?

In addition to the location of the break, hip fracture treatment can vary based on the extent of the damage and whether any soft tissues are involved. A relatively stable hip fracture may be managed with nonsurgical treatment, such as physical therapy. However, because a stable fracture can potentially shift out of place, a physician will typically monitor the broken bone by reviewing images taken periodically during the treatment process.

Surgical hip fracture treatment may be appropriate to:

  • Repair damaged cartilage on the head of the femur
  • Realign and secure the ends of a displaced bone
  • Replace a damaged component of the hip joint, such as the ball only (a partial hip replacement) or the ball and socket (a total hip replacement)

The experienced hip surgeons at Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine of Houston, Texas, offer a full range of conservative and surgical hip fracture treatment options, including arthroscopic hip surgeries and hip resurfacing procedures, as well as partial and total hip replacements.

If you’d like to discuss your hip fracture treatment options with an orthopedic specialist at Advanced Orthopaedics, contact us today. We welcome patients from Houston, TX, and all nearby areas.