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Consult With a Knee Joint Specialist in Houston, TX

Knee pain can be a sign of an injury or arthritis, both of which can potentially worsen without treatment. In either case, it’s best to seek prompt medical attention from a joint specialist. This medical professional has the focused training and experience necessary to diagnose and address a full spectrum of joint conditions, some of which can be difficult to identify and complex to treat (for instance, “arthritis” is an umbrella term that refers to more than 100 specific joint conditions). Additionally, many joint specialists concentrate their practice on a specific joint, such as the knee.

If you’re in the Houston, Texas, area, you can consult with an experienced knee joint specialist at Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Our well-respected team includes Thomas L. Tanous, Jr., M.D.; David R. Mack, M.D.; Alain E. Elbaz, M.D.; and Drew M. Fehsenfeld, M.D., Ph.D.

When to see a knee joint specialist

Here are some symptoms that should be brought to the attention of a knee joint specialist, especially if the discomfort persists for more than a few days or several painful episodes occur during one month:

  • Knee pain, swelling or stiffness
  • Redness or warmth around a knee
  • Difficulty moving a knee or performing daily activities

An accurate diagnosis from a joint specialist is the first step toward finding an effective treatment plan for knee pain. Additionally, some knee conditions require prompt action. For instance, certain types of arthritis can lead to permanent joint damage if left untreated.

If you’re experiencing knee pain or other symptoms, a knee joint specialist at Advanced Orthopaedics can get you started on the road to relief. Contact us to request an appointment with Dr. Tanous, Dr. Mack, Dr. Elbaz or Dr. Fehsenfeld at one of our offices in the Houston, TX, area.