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What Is a Ligament Rupture in the Hip?

A hip ligament can rupture if it is stretched beyond its normal capacity. This tough connective tissue, which holds the bones securely together in the hip joint, can be damaged through a fall or sharp twist of the hip. Individuals who participate in sports that involve sudden direction changes, such as basketball and soccer, are particularly susceptible to this type of injury, which is also known as a hip sprain.

Some people experience a “snapping” or “cracking” feeling when a hip ligament ruptures. Usually, this sensation is immediately followed by pain, swelling and bruising in the hip.

What to do for a suspected hip ligament rupture

Because a hip sprain can sometimes be accompanied by a more serious injury, such as a fracture, it is important to seek prompt medical attention for this injury, especially if:

  • It is impossible to walk more than a few steps without severe pain
  • It is impossible to move the affected hip without severe pain
  • Numbness develops in the affected hip

How is a hip sprain treated?

If a hip ligament rupture produces mild to moderate symptoms, the discomfort can usually be managed conservatively with:

  • A brief rest – Resting for a few days after a hip injury occurs can help prevent further damage.
  • Cold compresses – An ice pack can be applied to a painful hip for 15 to 20 minutes every hour to reduce swelling as needed.
  • Exercise – After a brief period of rest, physical activity should be gradually resumed to help prevent stiffness in the hip. A physician or physical therapist can recommend a regimen of light exercises designed to reduce pain and swelling and improve hip movement. Then, as comfort permits, strengthening exercises can be added to the workout program.

On the other hand, surgery may be considered to address an extensive ligament tear that causes severe pain or difficulty walking.

With a team of fellowship-trained medical professionals who specialize in hip pain treatment, Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine of Houston, TX, has the expertise necessary to diagnose and treat sprains and other conditions affecting the hip joint. To learn more or schedule an appointment to have your hip ligament rupture evaluated by a specialist at one of our offices in the Houston, Texas, area, contact us today.

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