Patient Testimonials of Jacel Brooks, MD

I am a very active sport person and have been racing bicycles all of my life since I was 15.  I am now 65 years and on most days you can still find me on my bike. However, like everyone my age you can always find something that just does not work the way it used to on your body.  In my case it is my knee. I guess I have ridden over a million miles in my life, which I think contributed to my arthritis. My arthritis started about 5 years ago and has been very painful at times with some swelling. Needless to say, it didn’t keep me off the bike.

In the past year I have been seeing Dr. Jacel C Brooks who is my sports medicine doctor at Advance Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Houston.

I decided to try the procedure which took about an hour in and out.  After the first treatment, my pain quickly resolved and the swelling stopped.  So far I have had three treatments in the last year and I find it to be the best solution for my condition. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for comfort and also getting back the use of your knees. It takes a few minutes to draw the blood and 15 minutes to centrifuge it before it is injected in the knees. The procedure was painless for me.
– John C.

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