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Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Houston, TX

Shoulder replacement surgery is a potential treatment option for severely damaged shoulder joints. At Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine of Houston, Texas, we have a team of highly experienced orthopedists who specialize in diagnosing and treating upper extremity conditions; this team can help individuals with arthritis, torn rotator injuries, severe fractures, and other similar conditions evaluate their surgical and nonsurgical treatment options.

Although conservative treatment is usually the preferred approach, there are some instances in which shoulder replacement surgery might be recommended. For instance, if a patient’s symptoms are significantly interfering with his or her ability to work, exercise, or participate in daily activities and have not improved with medications and physical therapy, we may suggest a surgical procedure. However, a shoulder replacement is a major operation, and we are committed to helping our patients recover as fully – and quickly – as possible.

To help lessen the impact of a shoulder surgery on the body, our surgeons use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. This can lead to a number of potential benefits, including:

  • Less pain after surgery
  • A shorter hospital stay
  • Faster healing
  • A reduced risk of complications

Advanced Orthopaedics also offers comprehensive rehabilitative services. With in-house pain management, physical therapy and chiropractic services, we’re committed to helping residents of the Houston community get back to the activities they love with minimal disruption to their lives.

If you’re considering shoulder replacement surgery, Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine of Houston, TX, can help you explore your options. Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our board-certified specialists.


Shoulder Replacement Houston TX
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