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When does shoulder pain require the attention of a specialist? The answer to this question can vary. In general, chronic shoulder conditions such as tendonitis are not extremely time-sensitive, which means that there is minimal risk of an injury worsening if it is simply allowed some time to heal on its own. Plus, a mild ache may resolve without medical treatment.

With that said, if your shoulder pain is interfering with basic tasks such as bathing and dressing, waking you up at night or otherwise affecting your daily life, it may be time to see a specialist. If you’re in the Houston, Texas, area, you can consult with an experienced shoulder specialist at Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Our team includes Alain E. Elbaz, M.D.; David R. Mack, M.D.; Drew M. Fehsenfeld, M.D., Ph.D.; and Ryan E. Blalock, M.D.

What to tell a shoulder specialist

Receiving an accurate diagnosis is your first step toward finding effective relief. As part of the diagnostic process, a shoulder specialist will likely perform a physical examination and order some images. In addition, he or she will want to know all about your symptoms, including:

  • When the pain started
  • Whether the pain has changed over time and, if so, how
  • What body positions, movements and physical activities seem to make the pain better or worse

How are shoulder conditions treated?

Treatments for shoulder conditions include a wide range of nonsurgical and surgical options. In general, the team at Advanced Orthopaedics takes a conservative approach, recommending the least invasive therapy that could potentially provide effective relief.

If you’re experiencing pain in your shoulder, a specialist at Advanced Orthopaedics can get to the bottom of the problem and help you return to your active lifestyle. Contact us to request an appointment with Dr. Elbaz, Dr. Mack, Dr. Fehsenfeld or Dr. Blalock at one of our offices in the Houston, TX, area.

Shoulder Specialist Alain E. Elbaz M.D. Houston TX
Shoulder Specialist David R. Mack M.D. Houston TX
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