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What Is a Broken Ankle?

A broken ankle is – quite simply – a fracture in an ankle joint. This joint is made up of two bones – the tibia, or shin, and fibular, or outer leg. The spot where these bones come together is called the malleoli. When physicians refer to a broken ankle, they are typically referring to a fracture in the malleoli.

How do you treat a broken ankle?

There are quite a few options for broken ankle treatment. Finding the approach that’s right for you may require the help of an experienced orthopaedist and will depend primarily on the extent of your injury.

Some ankle fractures heal on their own. If needed, your orthopaedist may be able to manually put the bones back into place, then use a cast or splint to keep them aligned until they heal.

Surgery may be required to treat more severe fractures, such as those that have broken through the skin or shattered into several pieces. During surgery, an orthopaedist can realign the pieces of a broken ankle and – if necessary – use metal plates or screws to secure them in place.

Broken ankle treatment in Houston, TX

At Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we provide comprehensive broken ankle treatment to residents of Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. We have a team of board-certified and double-board-certified orthopaedic specialists who can help you assess the severity of your injury and determine the best approach to treatment. We offer both surgical and nonsurgical therapies, as well as comprehensive support throughout the rehabilitation process.

If you are dealing with a broken ankle and would like to make an appointment with one of our foot injury specialists, contact Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine today. We have several convenient locations throughout the area, and can schedule you for a consultation at whichever clinic is nearest you.