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What Is a Femur Fracture?

A femur fracture is another term for a broken thighbone. The femur is the largest and strongest bone in the body, and it is fairly difficult to break. However, high-speed collisions and other trauma can cause the femur to fracture.

Orthopaedic specialists use several different terms to discuss the various types of femur fractures. These classifications include:

  • Transverse fractures (a bone has broken in a straight line)
  • Oblique fractures (a bone has broken in an angled line)
  • Comminuted fractures (a bone has broken into three or more pieces)
  • Open (a broken bone is protruding through the surface of the skin)

What does a femur fracture feel like?

Femur fractures can be extremely painful. Most people who experience this type of injury are not able to place weight on the broken leg. Sometimes, the leg may even look crooked.

If you think you may have broken your thighbone, you should seek immediate medical attention. This injury can cause serious complications, such as infection, blood clots, and pneumonia. An orthopaedic specialist can examine your leg and perform one or more imaging studies to determine the extent of your injury. From there, he or she can recommend the best approach to treatment.

How to treat a broken leg

In most cases, surgery is necessary to treat a fractured femur. If the skin is broken, surgery may be required right away. This can help lower the chance of exposed tissues becoming infected.

Even if a femur fracture has not broken the skin, prompt treatment is still recommended. There are several different options for repairing a fractured femur, however, depending on the severity and location of the break.

At Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine of Houston, TX, we practice the newest techniques for broken thighbone surgery. Our board-certified and double-board certified orthopaedic specialists use minimally invasive approaches whenever possible. We operate with the goal of not only treating a patient’s injury, but also helping to accelerate the patient’s return to activity. We strive to lessen the impact that surgery has on the body, in turn supporting a full and fast recovery with a lower risk of side effects. We also provide postoperative physical therapy to help our patients regain full function in their legs.

For more information about femur fracture treatment, contact Advanced Orthopaedics today. We welcome patients from all throughout Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas.