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What Is a Fractured Finger? Comprehensive Information Provided by Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine of Houston, TX

A fractured finger is another term for a broken finger. There are 14 finger bones in each hand, and it is not uncommon for these bones to become injured. Fingers can fracture in a number of ways – e.g., if they are caught in a door, used to brace the body for a collision, or hit by a moving object.

If you break a finger, you may not know it right away. It’s normal to feel immediate pain, but unless your fracture is severe (i.e., protruding through your skin), you may not be able to tell just how severe your injury is without an X-ray. A fracture can cause swelling, tenderness, and an inability to move your finger without pain, but less serious injuries (such as simply jamming your finger) can cause these symptoms as well. The main difference is that a jammed finger usually starts to feel better after several hours, while a fractured finger produces more persistent pain.

If you think you may have fractured your finger, you should visit an orthopaedist right away. He or she can perform an imaging test to determine whether you have broken a finger bone and, if so, how severe the damage is. Minor fractures may heal on their own, while more severe injuries may require surgical treatment.

Treating a fractured finger

To address a relatively minor fracture, it may be possible for an orthopaedic physician to manually set the finger back into place. A splint or cast can be used to keep the bones straight while they heal.

For more severe injuries, surgery may be needed to realign the broken bones. Hardware, such as pins or screws, may be used to keep the bones in place.

In either situation, medication may be prescribed to help a patient manage pain during the healing process. Hand therapy may also be recommended to help a patient regain strength and range of motion.

At Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we frequently treat finger fractures, both with and without surgery. Our board-certified and double-board certified orthopaedists serve patients from the entire Houston, TX, area, offering personalized care for a variety of common and complex injuries. We take a conservative treatment approach whenever possible, helping our patients avoid surgery unless it’s the only viable option. When surgery is required for a fractured finger, we use minimally invasive techniques that help reduce the associated recovery time, as well as the likelihood of complications. We can also provide custom splints to initially protect the hand as it heals, then later assist with restoring strength and function.

To learn more about fractured finger treatment at Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, contact us today.