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What is a knee fracture? Get Answers from Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine of Houston

A knee fracture is a type of injury involving the patella, or the bone that makes up the front of your knee (also known as the kneecap). It can be as mild as a small, partial crack in the bone or as severe as a complete break from the top of the kneecap to the bottom.

Can you fracture your knee and not know it?

Knee fractures are typically caused by a specific, sudden injury, such as a fall or a high-speed collision. Most people know that something is wrong as soon as the injury occurs.

A fractured kneecap tends to cause immediate pain, as well as other symptoms, such as:

  • Immediate swelling and bruising
  • Trouble bending the knee or placing weight on the affected leg
  • A scraping or grinding feeling during movement
  • Muscle spasms

In some cases, the broken bone will be visible through the skin. In other cases, the knee looks the same as it always does but does not function normally.

How do you treat a knee fracture?

A fractured patella should always be promptly evaluated by a physician. A simple knee fracture may heal on its own, although a cast may be necessary to keep the pieces from moving around. A more complex fracture, on the other hand, might require surgery to secure the bones back into place and restore stability to the knee. An orthopedic physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating knee injuries can provide a tailored treatment recommendation.

If you’ve recently injured your knee and think you may be dealing with a fracture, you can turn to Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine for prompt diagnosis and treatment. We offer comprehensive on-site imaging services, as well as surgical and nonsurgical treatments. From custom braces and physical therapy to medication management and laparoscopic surgery, we offer the latest therapies for common and complex knee injuries. To have your knee evaluated by one of our orthopedic physicians in Houston, Texas, contact us today.