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How to use Crutches

Have your child:

  • Stand up straight, shoulders relaxed.
  • Hold crutches under arms.  Hold handgrips.
  • Keep elbows slightly bent.
  • Keep injured leg out in front.
  • Move crutches forward slightly ahead of “strong” foot while keeping balance on the “strong” leg.  With crutches firmly on the floor, push down on hands and hop forward on “strong” leg.

Crutch walking tips:
If your child can put some weight on the injured leg, have him/her:

  • Place both crutches forward at the same time.
  • Move his/her injured leg forward about even with the crutches.
  • Push on the hand grips to limit the amount of weight on the injured leg while he/she steps a little past the injured leg with the “strong” leg.

If no weight can be placed on the injured leg, have your child:

  • Keep the injured leg off the floor at all times.
  • Move both crutches forward at the same time.
  • Step through the crutches with the “strong” leg and do not lean backwards.
  • Stand up straight when walking and look ahead rather than watching his/her feet.
  • Never lean on the underarm pieces.  This can cause nerve damage.  He/she should always push down with hands.
  • Wear a shoe that has a non-skid sole and fits well on the foot, such as a tennis shoe.  Loose-fitting bedroom slippers, backless shoes and bare socks can cause slips and falls.
  • Avoid wearing long bathrobes or dresses that might get caught under the crutch tips.

Remember to:

  • Remove any small rugs in the kitchen and bathroom that may cause your child to trip.  Be very careful of water on the floor in both of these rooms.
  • Watch for uneven surfaces and small rocks that could cause your child to fall when he/she is outside.
  • If your child has wooden crutches, check the tightness of the wing nuts often to prevent the bolts from becoming loose.
  • Replace the crutch tips when they become worn.  Your child could slip on the floor if the crutch tips become slick.
  • Re-adjust crutches while your child is standing.  Have your child place the crutches about six inches in front and slightly to the side of his feet.  Adjust the height of the crutches until there is two fingers’ width between your child’s underarms and the top of the crutches.
  • Adjust the handgrips until your child’s elbows are slightly bent, about 20 to 30 degrees.
  • Be sure to stand next to your child on the steps until he/she is very steady moving up and down them.

To go upstairs, have your child:

  • Keep the injured leg and crutches on the ground.
  • Push down with his/her hands and hop up onto the steps with the “strong” leg.
  • Straighten the “strong” leg and bring the injured leg and crutches up. Repeat.

To go downstairs, have your child:

  • Face the stairs.
  • Put the crutches and the injured leg on the lower step.
  • Push down with his hands.
  • Hop down to step on the “strong” leg.
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