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After two years of pain (which originally I thought was a muscle strain) in the upper interior of my right thigh I decided to research the possibilities via the computer. Almost immediately the suggestion was possible hip damage, which at first I discounted because my hip was not where the pain was occurring. Because of the suggestion of possible hip problems I asked a friend who had recently undergone hip replacement what his first symptoms were and was told inner thigh pain. So finding no other plausible reasons for the pain I decided to have it checked by an Orthopedic Surgeon. Again back to the computer, checking doctors and information about hip replacement I found Advanced Orthopaedics Sports Medicine at the North Cypress Medical Center. Dr. James Fogarty’s history and reviews stood out, as did the fact he did the relatively new procedure of “anterior replacement”, which supposedly lessened the pain and rehab time. So I scheduled an appointment to have him look at my situation. After the initial consultation and xrays he found damage to the joint and suggested trying steroid shots to the hip to alleviate and possibly postpone surgery. However, after two such shots, a month apart, they did not appear to lessen the pain.

Prior to any pain in the thigh I had already seen a neurosurgeon regarding the eventual need for a fusion of my 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae due to lower back pain and sciatica. So I am in limbo as to which to do first, the hip or the back. The thought crossed my mind “was it possible the back pain might be worsened by the hip situation”? So I made the decision to schedule the hip replacement first. We had to hurry if I wanted Dr. Fogarty to do it due to the fact he was retiring in a couple of months, and I definitely wanted him to do the surgery, so it was scheduled for May 11, 2015.

Surgery went as scheduled and upon checking into a hospital room for an overnight stay, the physical therapists visited within a couple of hours, had me up walking in the hallway with crutches which frankly I did not need. Of course the lack of pain was, I thought, due to the post surgery morphine. But the next morning when I was taken off the drip there was still no pain when I walked, this time with no crutches.

I was discharged from the hospital early the next afternoon, went home, changed clothes and drove myself to my office. That night (2nd night after surgery) I felt a tightness in the hip so I took a prescribed dose of Hydrocodone to allow for a restful night’s sleep. I continued taking the medication for 2 days as a precaution, but decided the 3rd day to test whether it was needed. I had zero pain regardless of activity level whether walking, sitting down, getting up, etc. I went to physical therapy once to find the exercises/stretches needed for successful rehab, then did them on my own at the gym.

A month later I was chipping and putting (no full shoulder turn) on the golf course and stroking the tennis ball (not running) on the court. Two months after surgery I am playing tennis matches and taking full turns on my golf swing with no pain.

Of course I am a huge fan of Dr. Fogarty, but also a walking testimonial for the Anterior Hip Replacement method.
– Charlie M.

I just had my one year x-ray on my hip replacement with Dr. Fogarty using the anterior method. I have marveled all along the way about the TOTAL difference between the posterior method and this new anterior procedure. I had one hip done 10 years ago via the posterior process and it was 6 months of restrictions and a year of coming back to normal. A year ago when I knew I had to have the other hip done, I prepared for the worst. Dr. Fogarty, Karen his nurse, Erin his PA and even the xray technicians kept saying this will be a piece of cake. The only thing running through my mind was, yeah right, easy for you to say. Well, I have to tell you, it WAS totally a piece of cake compared to the posterior procedure done on the first hip. After waking up from surgery, I looked at the clock when they rolled me into a room and was on my feet within an hour. I was home in two days with very little restrictions and back to work in the office in three weeks. The biggest side affect is the numbness but it keeps you pain free and doesn’t interfere with your movement in any way. Dr. Fogarty’s anterior procedure was like a blink of the eye, back to normal, back to freedom of movement. Thank you, Dr. Fogarty and staff!
– Linda

I had my other hip replaced the old fashioned way two years ago. I had a very hard time getting back to normal, not to mention the pain I felt after the surgery. I could barely walk with a cane three months after surgery and was in the hospital for over a week. With this new procedure I was up and walking in one week. I went home after only two days in the hospital. I was amazed at how much easier and less painful my recovery was. I am sure happy I had this new operation at North Cypress. I really liked the hospital and the staff. I am also enjoying my physical therapy there.
– Oliver W.
(About Anterior Hip Replacement)

December of 2005, I had my left hip replaced in the traditional method by a highly competent Orthopedic Doctor. My hospital stay lasted six days. I was not able to climb the stairs to our master bedroom so I had to rent a hospital bed and sleep in the middle of our family room for thirty days.

A physical therapist came to the house three times a week for five weeks. After five weeks I went to my office to do clerical work, no heavy lifting. Was able to do basic activities after eight weeks. Three months after surgery was released to resume golf. On a scale of 1-10 my pain was 6-7.

June of 2009, I had my right hip replaced by Dr. Fogarty, using the Anterior approach surgery. Released from the hospital in three days, was able to climb stairs, sleep in my own bed, take showers and basically do everything I wanted to do within limits. Went back to work the following Monday, mostly computer work, was able to drive myself after one week to physical therapy, three times a week for two weeks. Back to normal after three weeks. On the golf course after seven weeks. Pain scale, no more than a 3.
– Mike C.

I suffered with hip pain for several years. At 58 I was not looking forward to hip replacement surgery. It became so painful to walk around our school that I was in tears sometimes. Nothing relieved the pain totally. A good night’s sleep was non-existent. Dr. Fogarty and I decided it was time for the anterior hip replacement. He explained the procedure carefully. This sounded so much better than what my uncle had gone through back in the 80’s! I woke up from surgery and no more of that hip pain! It was wonderful. Recovery was so quick. It was wonderful. I love getting down on the floor and playing with our grandchildren now. I just finished a vacation of golf, high country hiking and horseback riding! Thank you Dr. Fogarty and your fantastic staff, as well as the Joint Center at North Cypress Medical Center, for giving me back a normal life!!
– Nancy S.

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