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At Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, foot and ankle pain treatment is designed to not only help alleviate discomfort, but also to provide meaningful, long-term improvements in mobility, flexibility and range of motion. Providing residents of Houston, Texas, and other surrounding areas with access to a wide range of diagnostic services and treatments under one roof, Advanced Orthopaedics makes it convenient for patients to obtain all of the medical attention they need – not to mention the compassion they deserve – as they recover from their injuries and return to their active lifestyles.

The foot and ankle anatomy are highly complex, containing more than one hundred muscles, ligaments and tendons, not to mention numerous bones and joints. As a result, comprehensive musculoskeletal treatment is often required to properly address the source of a patient’s pain. At Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we provide many different foot and ankle pain treatment options, including:

Patients who turn to Advanced Orthopaedics for foot and ankle pain treatment benefit from our team of highly specialized practitioners, including physical therapists, orthopedic physicians and foot and ankle surgeons. All of our specialists are board-certified, with several holding dual certifications in complementary areas of study. As a result, our Houston orthopedics team has the extensive training and expertise necessary to carefully diagnose and treat a wide range of lower extremity conditions, including arthritis, sesamoiditisplantar fasciitisdiabetic nerve pain, flexor tendon injuries, Haglund’s deformity and Morton’s neuroma.

To learn more about the foot and ankle pain treatment options available to residents of Houston, TX, at Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, contact us today to request an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist.

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Physicians at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports medicine are trained in the treatment of most foot and ankle problems. They are trained in the treatment of complex foot problems, forefoot deformities (bunions, hammer toes, etc.), ankle injuries, fractures/dislocations, major and minor foot/ankle reconstructions, ankle replacements, minimally invasive surgery, arthroscopy, and non-operative management of foot and ankle problems, including treating the special populations, including diabetics and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to common surgical options, advanced techniques include ankle arthroscopy, subtalar arthroscopy, deformity correction with internal or external fixation (Ilizarov/ring fixation) and ankle replacement.

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